Dreaming Green: Amber Valletta’s THREAD and Sustainable Style

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Amber Valletta is a supermodel/actress/activist who’s also become a leading voice in sustainable fashion from her experiences on the runway, in print and behind the scenes of the worldwide fashion industry.

Amber Valletta

Among the things she’s learned are that the garment industry itself isn’t glamorous, and it has much to improve about itself – from ethical production to animal-free testing of cosmetics to fair trade and production of safe, poison-free cotton.

One thing to note if you don’t buy organic cotton: It traditionally takes two pounds of pesticides to make one non-organic cotton sheet.* That means you’re sleeping on two pounds of pesticides. Honestly, that astounded me, and it still does. How can any industry warrant that? It’s like going out of your way to produce unhealthy products we will all spend a third of our lives on and under, and then another third wearing! There is no way to consider this ethical, healthy or sustainable.

If you haven’t seen it, watch this. It’s a real eye-opener:

So it’s no surprise that those in and on all sides of the apparel industry are waking up and finding there are no easy answers, and we all have to be part of the solution. That starts with doing research on animal-safe cosmetics and organic clothing, and buying only those products. Ethical cosmetics manufacturers are placed on ever-changing lists of safe/free-from-animal testing that can be found online. Here’s one resource:

Beauty Without Bunnies – PETA

From the beginning, 71 Magazine has pledged to only have cruelty-free products mentioned or advertised in our pages. It’s extremely important that those creatures without a voice have one here – always in their favor. It’s the least we can do, and we hope one day all others will, as well, and that this will no longer be an issue anywhere.

*Thanks to Marci Zaroff for letting us know about this.