Work Hard, Party Hard: 71’s Official Launch Party!

Sparkler in glass

When you want to achieve a new goal, you have to put in the work to make it happen. But I would argue that it’s just as essential to enjoy yourself in the process. Goal pursuit is hard work (and no goal worth pursuing just materializes overnight) – so why not treat yourself when you hit the milestones? As they say: “Work hard, party hard!”

That’s exactly what Team 71 did with our official launch party at Sternewirth in Hotel Emma last week! After months of working hard to pull together our first issue, it was great to relax and have a drink (and cake!) with some of our favorite people, as well as those who helped make 71 happen.

Shoutout to the guests who signed our cover board!

We were thrilled to have one of the stars of Issue 1, Patricia Vonne, in attendance, as well as Priscilla Martinez Gamer of Joyarte Jewelry Couture; San Antonio Living’s Taylor Mobley; designer Kristina Michelle Kelly; Mario Ochoa of Sammis Ochoa; some reps from the Classical Music Institute and area musicians; and several models, including Sami, Kennedy, Janiah, Mia and Aly. And many more, of course. Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported us at our first party (yes, there will be many more)! And thanks to Jerry Vargas and the teams at Sternewirth and Hotel Emma for accommodating us.

Fun fact: Our party photographer stood us up! Haha. So sadly, we’ve only got a few photos we were able to grab on our phones between conversations. But hey — these are the startup stories! And personally, I wouldn’t trade either those conversations or those stories for anything. Check out the photos here: