Opportunity Knocks: Introducing The 71 Blog!


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

It’s 3 a.m., and I’m procrastinating. I watch the cursor blink on a blank Word doc for a while, wondering how I should handle the first-ever post for The 71 Blog. Then I do what any professional writer would do, and head to the Internet. I come across this Which Inspirational Quote Are You? quiz. I’m a sucker for silly personality quizzes, so of course I take it. My result is Berle’s quote about opportunity.

It’s perfect. If I had to sum up my life right now in one quote, that would be it. I literally built my personal statement around this quote for MBA applications last spring. (Spoiler: I got in, and MGMT 8315 is one of the reasons I’m still working at 3 a.m.) And I started 71 largely due to lack of desired opportunities.

I’ve wanted to be a fashion editor since middle school when I was making notes on YM and Seventeen layouts during lunch (yes, that happened). But Texas is hardly a fashion-publishing hub, and no matter how many times I applied to random positions at Vogue from afar, they never called me. If your dream isn’t happening, what do you do? Wait for the tide to turn? Or try to make it happen yourself?

Well, I’m done waiting. Texas needs an alternative fashion magazine that focuses on style as an art and highlights independent creatives of all kinds. And now, thanks to my impatience and the hard work and support of the awesome people on Team 71, you’ve got it.

Importantly, 71 isn’t just an opportunity for me – it’s an opportunity for all of us. At 71, we’re filling an industry gap, providing jobs and other opportunities and highlighting talented individuals who are doing cool things. No negativity here – just a positive voice for creatives.

So with that in mind, I’d like to introduce The 71 Blog! If the magazine is our “official” presence, the blog shows our more casual side. In it, we’ll share our thoughts on everything from Halston to Hendrix, cool finds and DIY projects, creative event coverage and much more.

So if the door we’ve built is 71, then the launch of The 71 Blog is a knock on the door for creatives across the state of Texas. You gonna get that?

Check out our Nov/Dec 2017 premier issue here: www.my71mag.com/nov-dec-2017