71: What the Name Means and Where We Came From

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If you’d asked me even eight months ago if I ever saw myself being involved in a fashion magazine, I’m sure you would’ve gotten a very strange look. I’d have not seen any way for it to be possible. After years as a musician, writer, lighting designer and photographer, I never expected this latest endeavor we’re doing: a fashion/arts magazine for all of Texas, built from scratch. Really?

The way it came about is interesting. I was in my 20th year of designing modern, minimalist “Zen/Industrial” art lighting, and had been doing lighting photography for about 14 years. Prior to that, I’d been writing for magazines of various types: music, design, architecture, lighting, art, green/sustainable and construction. But I hadn’t been involved in a magazine from the inside. 71 has brought together more of my skills than any other pursuit to date. It just seems to make sense, so I don’t question it.

When Erin, our editor, told me about the idea in the spring, it seemed to come out of nowhere even though she’d always been into fashion. She was on track to get her doctorate in communication and teach on the post-grad level, but once the idea came to her, she found the opportunity and dream too hard to pass up. Sometimes the universe has its way, and it’s not only beyond our imagination, but the best possible scenario, if we trust it and our intuition.

The next step was to come up with a name. Never an easy thing. We thought of a number of names we liked, but for one reason or another, none of them worked. Most of them were already taken, and those that were available … well, weren’t the best fit on further thought.

71 began as a feeling. Both Erin and I just kept seeing the number 71. That’s not the most common of numbers, so we decided to investigate what that was about. Here are a few of the things we found:

The year, 1971

It was an amazing year for film, art, music and creativity in general. It was also a big year in fashion – our main purpose. Implications for fashion exhibition are outlined in Judith Clark and Amy de la Haye’s Exhibiting Fashion: Before and After 1971 – which, ironically, I had given Erin for Christmas.

Tailored pants with Blouse, YSL Haute Couture, Spring/Summer 1971. Photo by Sophie Carre, courtesy of Vogue Paris.

Encore: Why 1971 was the Greatest Year for Rock Music Ever

Yves Saint Laurent’s 1971 Collection Shocked the World – but Changed the Direction of Fashion


There’s a Texas State Highway 71 just south of Austin. This speaks to our Texas roots, as well as a general attitude of moving forward or making progress.

Green principles

“71” is a recycling code – specifically, for “clear glass.” We’re all about green fashion and sustainability, so that’s cool.


In numerology, 7 is “the Seeker” who pursues infinite possibilities and 1 is “the Master Creator” who pursues goals others find unreachable. These are generalizations – but still not a bad combo for a startup magazine.

Life Path 7

Life Path 1

‘71 is also the reverse of the year we’re in: ‘17. That one’s easy.

Maybe it’s just our perception, but overall, it seemed like a message we couldn’t resist. So “71 Magazine” it is. We still have to explain it. Ask my dad.

Then our graphic designer, Elisa, came up with an amazing logo for us:

On first glance, it looked like a vintage mod racing logo, which we loved. I can easily see it on the side of an old Jaguar, Ferrari or Ford GT screaming across Le Mans.


And Elisa’s husband, Michael, is a great fashion photographer who seemed interested in doing some of our photo shoots. So a team began to form around this idea. As the summer passed, things became more real and intriguing.

Then the content started to show up. Even though we were nowhere near launch, we kept getting amazing offers to interview extremely accomplished creatives across the spectrum. Our content seemed to create itself. When this happens, it just seems meant to be. The quality of our team, content, graphics, ideas, even advertisers all seemed too good to be true. I still have to pinch myself. Not too hard, though – I don’t want to wake up.

So here we are. Welcome to 71 Magazine: Texas’ only fashion/arts publication. We hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

Check out our Nov/Dec 2017 premier issue here: www.my71mag.com/nov-dec-2017